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We envision the Camino de Sonoma becoming an enduring route for people from all over the world to come experience the power of walking with intention along a spiritually significant, culturally compelling and breathtakingly beautiful path. We are committed to stewarding a space that nurtures healing in our lives and in the land, so that divisions can be healed, connections can be made, and purpose can be revealed. We foresee the extraordinary natural beauty of this land and the exceptional hospitality of the people who call it home making the Camino de Sonoma a globally known and desired destination for pilgrimage.
We have these goals for 2022:
  • Expand and improve the guided walk experience
  • Develop resources to support non-guided walks
  • Relational development with local tribes, ecological organizations, and hospitality providers
  • Organizational development including board development; expanding financial and administrative capacities
Basic Walker Support
  • Supplies; abalone shells, content sheets, passports, stamps and stickers including the artists and local businesses that print them  
  • Safety gear; flags, vests and walkie talkies for the guided walks       
  • Group guides expenses
  • The Camino de Sonoma walking experience
suggested gift: $50-500
Organizational Development
  • Administrative stipends for those offering time to support building of the Camino de Sonoma 
  • Technological improvements, including digitizing trail experiences for those who cannot travel or who want to have access to curated content while walking solo.
  • Guide training and more walks: Currently, we have more folks interested than those we can guide. 
suggested gift: $500-1500
Relationship Building
We have consistent interaction with local tribal members, Sonoma county historians, ecological non-profits, local artists and landowners who make the richness of this experience possible.  Relationship building is key as are training and development to make this happen. When possible, we compensate them for their efforts in collaborating with us to create a long-term generational path of prayer and healing. 
suggested gift: $1500-3000

We welcome you to contact us with any questions and to begin the journey.

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