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Whether you are joining the Camino de Sonoma or a Caminata solo or with a group, we support you in being as prepared as possible to have the most impactful experience.

The Camino de Sonoma and Caminatas are paths that cross urban, rural, and wild places. Being prepared with appropriate supplies is tantamount to staying safe so that the journey unfolds optimally and with reduced unnecessary challenges. 

  • Hiking backpack

  • Route maps, including streets and park trails All Trails (may include charged phone and extra battery backup) 

  • Weather appropriate clothing, layers, sun protection and rain jacket or poncho

  • Hiking boots or shoes and extra pair of socks

  • Sunscreen

  • First aid kit

  • Utility knife or multi-tool

  • Plenty of water and electrolyte (General rule of thumb is 1 liter of water for every 2 hours of walking) 

  • Food and snacks

Guided walks are meticulously planned, and you will be invited to connect with the group prior to the walk to arrange carpools to and from so that we can easily shuttle each other to and from the walk.

If you are walking the Camino de Sonoma solo or in a duo or small group without a Camino de Sonoma guide, we encourage you to become familiar with the path via All Trails.

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