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The Caminata is a shorter version of the Camino de Sonoma and can be a single stage of the six-stage Camino or a shorter path, 6-8 miles in length, completely separate from the Camino de Sonoma.  Typically, the Caminata will provide a deeper dive into the cultural, historical and spiritual depth of a particular location along or near the Camino de Sonoma and includes a shared meal with participants for a time of communal sharing.

Caminatas are for those seeking a pilgrimage experience of a shorter distance and duration.  Caminatas can be a good entry point for those contemplating adding pilgrimage to their personal disciplines.

To learn what to expect, click here.

When you support the Camino de Sonoma, you are supporting the development, ongoing oversight, needed adjustment of the pathway itself, community engagement, and relationship management.  This includes the volunteer board of directors, bylaws, insurances, and legal counsel to provide effective and responsible stewardship.  Learn more about supporting the Camino de Sonoma here.

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