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Stewards and founding guides of the Camino de Sonoma: Adam Peacocke & Tony McCormick

From his earliest memories Adam Peacocke has found inspiration and connection from taking long walks of discovery.

A native of Sonoma County, he has seen that passion for exploring the world around him complimented with a love of history and an unwavering hopefulness drawn from a deeply rooted Christian faith.

Adam founded FeatherVine, a non-profit building bridges between the faith community and other key stakeholders, making efforts to address the deeper needs in that community more impactful, spearheading a collaborative approach to helping his community recover from the historic wildfires of 2017. That same year Adam began work researching establishing “a healing path for pilgrimage” across Sonoma County and in 2019 co-founded the Camino de Sonoma. 

Adam lives in Sonoma County with his wife Jo and their four children.

Tony McCormick has been hiking for his entire life, and in his current work, volunteers for the Jenner Headlands Preserve and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. He has summited Mt. Whitney and Mt. Shasta, and hiked the John Muir Trail, the High Sierra Trail, and the Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Tony is responsible for so many of the aspects that bring the Camino de Sonoma alive, including waymaking, pathfinding, advanced first aid and safety, and skillful leadership through his discerning and kind approach to walking the earth with a sense of contemplative reverence.

His deep faith and work in his local church and as a certified mediator collaborates with his reverence for the natural world and is always in amazement of how much connection we get to make in this life. 

He has called Sonoma County his home since 1972 with his high school sweetheart, Debbie, and daughters Laurel and Drew. 

There are numerous pilgrims, seekers, and hikers who have contributed to the actualization of the Camino de Sonoma. We honor the first walkers who completed their journeys and those that have spent tireless hours to make this experience come alive.

Thank you to:

Dino and Patty Franklin and Ben and Carol Medel for engaging with us from the tribal community providing ongoing guidance and wisdom. To Christopher and Lia Huber, Bob and Susie Lipps, John and Joanna Quintrell for helping establish the vision and organizational framework. To Rod Wallace for logo and branding work, and Lynne Cunningham for her original passport stamps. To Stephen Morris, Dave Gould, and Lorie Florence for continuing to develop with us the hospitality and guiding experience to support walkers. 

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